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Call for papers

On behalf of EURO Working Group Transportation (EWGT) it is announced that 10th EWGT Meeting and 16th Mini-EURO Conference will be held on September 13-16, 2005 in Poznan, at Poznan University of Technology, as the host institution.

The objective of the 10th EWGT Meeting is to provide the audience with the state-of-the art in analysis, monitoring, forecasting and decision aiding in transportation, including road, railway, air and water, both passenger and freight transport (see the detailed list of topics for EWGT Meeting). The 16th Mini-EURO Conference is focused on presentation of an artificial intelligence (AI) i.e. single and multiple metaheuristics, data mining, knowledge discovery and expert systems applied in transportation (see the detailed list of topics for Mini-Euro Conference).

Presentations on different mathematical algorithms, a wide spectrum of IT tools and software technologies as well as its applications in transportation are welcome. Specialists and experts in OR and AI are invited to discuss and analyze different decision transportation problems.

All authors wishing to contribute papers are requested to submit an extended abstract by April 14, 2005 (minimum 4 pages maximum 6 pages in the LaTeX or Word format. Authors are obliged to prepare papers using provided templates). All abstracts will be reviewed for the acceptance by the Scientific Committee. The notification of acceptance will be delivered to the authors by June 14, 2005. All accepted abstracts will be published in the Conference Proceedings (hard copy) and published the e-proceedings (on the conference web site). The abstracts should be submitted using Conference web site (see details for abstract submission).

Several special issues of highly recognized academic journals are considered for publication of selected papers presented at the Conference. Authors of the most valuable contributions will be invited, after the Conference, to prepare full papers to be submitted to the journals. The evaluation will be based on reviewers' comments and opinions of the Program Committee. All invited contributions will undergo the usual reviewing procedure, according to high standards of the listed journals.

The list of suggested journals is as follows:

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