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10th EURO Working Group Transportation Meeting

10th EWGT Meeting is focused on presentation of the advanced methods and computer-based tools applied in transportation. The objective of the conference is to provide the audience with the state-of-the art in analysis, monitoring, forecasting and decision aiding in transportation, including road, railway, air and water, both passenger and freight. Different mathematical algorithms, IT tools and software technologies is going to be presented during the conference. Specialists/experts in OR, decision aiding and transportation are invited to discuss and analyze different decision transportation problems.

The major thematic streams of the conference are as follows:

Transportation planning and policy

  • optimal policy instruments (e.g. pricing, environmental protection, subsidies etc.)
  • rational and sustainable transport development (e.g. analysis of transport strategies and development scenarios)
  • evaluation of transportation projects and activities - assessment and appraisal methods
  • transportation policy planning within 6 FP
  • transport and spatial development

Transportation system assessment

  • performance measurement
  • valuation of costs/benefits
  • quality standards and quality evaluation methods in transportation
  • case studies

Traffic management and control

  • dynamic traffic assignment and simulations
  • real-time traffic control
  • traffic models
  • O/D matrix analysis
  • demand modeling

Single and multiple optimization methods applied in transportation

  • computer implementations of exact and approximate algorithms
  • solvers

Transportation network design

  • network structure optimization
  • terminal location analysis
  • optimization of integrated networks

Fleet management

  • vehicle routing and scheduling
  • vehicle assignment and allocation
  • fleet sizing and composition models, vehicle /mode selection
  • fleet diagnostics and maintenance
  • fleet replacement

Crew management

  • crew assignment
  • crew scheduling
  • staffing

Safety and reliability of transportation systems

  • technical diagnosis and forecasting
  • transport systems maintenance
  • environmental risk models
  • optimal transportation of hazardous goods
  • accidents detection and prevention

Environmental impact evaluation

  • traffic noise and air pollution modeling
  • risk analysis in transportation

Public transport

  • urban pattern
  • public transport development

Intermodality, modal interfaces and multimodal transportation systems

  • optimization of multimodal transportation systems
  • comparative analysis of road, railway, air and water transportation
  • interfaces and interactions between modes

Travel and shipper behavior research

  • transportation supply and demand modeling (passenger and freight transportation)
  • trip generation
  • route choice models

Computer-based decision support systems to solve complex transportation decision problems

  • data collection methods
  • advances solving procedures

Case studies

  • advanced cases of transportation problems

Other topics are also welcome (send us your suggestions).