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16th Mini-EURO Conference

Mini-EURO Conference is focused on presentation of an artificial intelligence (AI) applied in transportation. The objective of the conference is to provide the audience with the state-of-the art in analysis, monitoring, decision aiding in transportation with support of single and multiple objective metaheuristics, data mining and knowledge discovery, expert systems. Different mathematical algorithms and a wide spectrum of IT tools and software technologies are welcome to be presented during the conference.

One of invited speakers is prof. Zbigniew Michalewicz, well known expert in the field of evolutionary computation.

The major thematic streams of the conference are as follows:

Up-to-date metaheuristics in transportation

  • simulated annealing
  • tabu search
  • genetic (evolutionary) algorithms
  • hybridization
  • preference based methods

Real-life application of Multiple Objective Metaheuristics in Transportation (MOMH) to solve transportation problems

  • algorithms and data structures
  • reusable software
  • multiobjective benchmarks
  • comparison of MOMHs
  • quality measure and performance

Data mining and knowledge discovery for applications in transportation

  • classification/sorting/ranking problems in transportation
  • regression analysis
  • clustering
  • artificial neural networks
  • decision trees

Uncertainty and vagueness in transportation decision problems

  • modeling of transportation problems using fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic
  • stochastic modeling
  • rough sets
  • granular computing

Intelligent transportation systems

  • equipment for ITS
  • smart roads and automobiles
  • intelligent mobility
  • travel and driver information services
  • guidance and navigation systems

Decision support systems in transportation

  • intelligent decision support systems
  • expert systems
  • knowledge-based systems

Other topics are also welcome (send us your suggestions).