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  • Schedule update: The plenary session P5 has been split into two smaller ones.


  • Minor changes in the conferences schedule (session E7-A)
    Presentations scheduled for session E7-A have been moved to other sessions, M9 or E3-C. Session E7-A has been removed. See the updated schedule for details.
  • A shift between sessions E8-A and E9-B of presentations of Mr Moreira and Mr Usami



  • Abstracts of all presentations has been published online. To see them select Program / E-proceedings menu option.


  • We plan 30 minutes for one presentation (including discussion, all questions and answers). Therefore, we recommend preparing a talk for approximately 25 minutes.


  • All details concerning bank transfer are given on Dates and Fees page.
  • The reviewing process is finally over. We apologize all those authors who had to wait longer for overdue reviews and decisions on acceptance of abstracts.

    Authors of accepted abstracts are asked to upload final versions of their work through the Conftool system until July 14. Please see Dates and Fees.

    The authors are also asked to register for the conference and pay the registration fee before July 31. Please, allow a few days for a money transfer, since we have to have confirmation of your payment by this date if the abstract is to be published in the volume of Conference Proceedings.


  • The registration process is on. Please visit Conftool webpage and register on the Conferences!
  • In the period of July 3-5 the website and Conftool system can become unavailable because of the network infrastructure reorganization.


  • The reviewers' reports are now made accessible to Authors through the Conference's Conftool system.

  • Despite multiple requests and notifications, some reviewers have not completed their work, so several percent of contributions are not reviewed yet. If this is your case, then we ask you for several days of patience more; these contributions were assigned to substitute reviewers who will complete reviews in short time. You will be notified by a separate e-mail when the review report is completed.


  • The reviewing process has already started. Paper authors will be notified of its results by June 14, 2005.


  • Abstracts submission deadline has been extended till April 14, 2005. Note that this is an absolute deadline


  • Early registration period was extended till July 14, 2005. Please see Dates and Fees


  • ConfTool, the Conference management system, is online. Please use it to upload a paper or register for the Conference