Schedule of 10th EWGT Meeting and 16th Mini-EURO Conference

8:30Tour to Biskupin (a settlement from the turn of the Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age 750-600 BC)
9:00Opening CeremonyP3
Evaluation functions for real world problems: a case study

Zbigniew Michalewicz, Martin Schmidt, Matthew Michalewicz, Constantin Chiriac
Overview of road and motorway traffic control strategies

Markos Papageorgiou
Metaheuristics – flexible tools for decision making in transportation planning and operations management

Jorge Pinho de Sousa
Bee colony optimization – a cooperative learning approach to complex transportation problems

Mauro Dell'Orco, Dušan Teodorović
Mission, activities and expectations of the EURO Working Group on Transportation

Maurizio Bielli
10:00coffee breakcoffee breakcoffee break
10:15Chopin music concertM3E3-AE3-BE3-CM5E5-AE5-BE5-CM8E8-AE8-BE8-C
10:30coffee break
GAMBIT 2005. The National Road Safety Program for Poland for the period of 2005-2013

Ryszard Krystek
11:45coffee breakcoffee breakcoffee breakcoffee break
15:00M2E2-AE2-BE2-CTechnical tripsM7E7-BClosing CeremonyTour to Gniezno, 10th century town of the early Piast dynasty, founders of Polish state
18:00Poznan sightseeing
18:30Gala Dinner in an old mansion-house in the country ("Poligrodzianie" folk dance group performance)
19:30Get Together Party (hosted by the Mayor of Poznan)


9:45-10:15Plenary session P1
Mission, activities and expectations of the EURO Working Group on Transportation
Maurizio Bielli
10:45-11:45Plenary session P2
GAMBIT 2005. The National Road Safety Program for Poland for the period of 2005-2013
Ryszard Krystek
Session M1: MiniEURO: Risk and uncertainty in transportation 1
12:00-12:30Algorithms for decision making in transportation systems with uncertain knowledge
Jerzy Józefczyk, Donat Orski
12:30-13:00Stochastic service network design: the importance of taking uncertainty into account
Arnt-Gunnar Lium, Stein W. Wallace, Teodor Gabriel Crainic
13:00-13:30Technical diagnostic of a fleet of vehicles using rough sets theory
Piotr Sawicki, Jacek Żak
13:30-14:00On generalized OWA approach to support location and routing decisions
Krzysztof Fleszar, Włodzimierz Ogryczak
Session E1-A: EWGT: Travel time
12:00-12:30Calibration of a traffic microsimulation model as a tool for estimating the level of travel time variability
Yaron Hollander, Ronghui Liu
12:30-13:00An investigation of urban arterial travel time variability
Hao Liu, Hans van Lint, Henk van Zuylen
13:00-13:30The impact of dynamic navigation on the travel times in urban networks
Irina Matschke
13:30-14:00Real-time modeling travel time reliability on freeway
Huizhao Tu, Hans van Lint, Henk van Zuylen
Session E1-B: EWGT: Travel behaviour
12:00-12:30Introducing social aspects to multi-agent simulations of travel behavior
Erel Avineri
12:30-13:00Observations overtaking manoeuvres on bi-directional roads
Geertje Hegeman, Serge P. Hoogendoorn, Karel Brookhuis
13:00-13:30Collecting activity-travel diary data by means of a hand-held computer-assisted data collection tool
Bruno Kochan, Davy Janssens, Tom Bellemans, Geert Wets
13:30-14:00Agent-based modelling of a social dilemma in mode choice based on travelers' expectations and social learning mechanisms
Yos Sunitiyoso, Shoji Matsumoto
Session E1-C: EWGT: Traffic management 1
12:00-12:30PIACON-DISCON integrated approach to public transport priority control at traffic signals
Andrzej Adamski
12:30-13:00An intermodal traffic control strategy for private vehicle and public transport
Neila Bhouri, Pablo Lotito
13:00-13:30DREAMS: an integrated information management system for traditional and innovative mobility services in Milan, Italy
Alberto Colorni, Diego Ciccarelli, Alessandro Luè, Valentina Morrocchi, Damiano Rossi
13:30-14:00Structure of urban traffic coordination in street networks problem
Mariusz Kaczmarek
Session M2: MiniEURO: Multiobjective optimization in transportation
15:00-15:30Interactive multi-objective genetic algorithms for the bus driver scheduling problem
Jorge Pinho de Sousa, Teresa Galvão Dias, João Falcão e Cunha
15:30-16:00Scheduling buses in rural areas
Armin Fügenschuh
16:00-16:30Path relinking for multiple objective combinatorial optimization. TSP case study
Andrzej Jaszkiewicz
Session E2-A: EWGT: Network design 1
15:00-15:30A gravitational approach for locating new services in urban areas
Daniela Ambrosino, Anna Sciomachen
15:30-16:00A model of cost optimization for the location of bus-stop
Luigi Dell'Olio, José Luis Moura, Angel Ibeas
16:00-16:30Urban rapid transit network capacity expansion
Ángel Marín, Patricia Jaramillo
Session E2-B: EWGT: Route choice
15:00-15:30Combining vehicle routing models and microscopic traffic simulation to model and evaluating city logistics applications
Jaume Barceló, Hanna Grzybowska, Sara Pardo
15:30-16:00A study on calibration of generated route choice set for railway passengers
Naohiko Hibino, Yoshihisa Yamashita, Hisao Uchiyama
16:00-16:30A reinforcement learning model for simulating route choice behaviours in transport network
Toshihiko Miyagi
Session E2-C: EWGT: Traffic management 2
15:00-15:30Theoretical analysis of the efficency of ramp metering, speed management based on Braess-like paradoxes
Habib Haj Salem, Jean-Patrick Lebacque, Salim Mammar
15:30-16:00An atomic Dijkstra algorithm for dynamic shortest paths in traffic assignment
Fabien Leurent, Vincent Aguiléra
16:00-16:30Sensitivity analysis of a combined network equilibrium model
Michael Patriksson, Clas Rydergren


9:00-10:00Plenary session P3
Evaluation functions for real world problems: a case study
Zbigniew Michalewicz, Martin Schmidt, Matthew Michalewicz, Constantin Chiriac
Session M3: MiniEURO: Decision support systems in transportation 1
10:15-10:45The sensitivity of activity-based models of travel demand: results in the case of Albatross
Theo Arentze, Harry Timmermans
10:45-11:15A decision support system for management of waste lube oils recycling operations
Panagiotis Repoussis, Dimitris Paraskeuopoulos, George Zobolas, Christos Tarantilis, George Ioannou
11:15-11:45COSIMA-DSS evaluation system: a new decision support system for large-scale transport infrastructure projects
Kim B. Salling, Anders V. Jensen, Steen Leleur
Session E3-A: EWGT: Logistics and supply chain
10:15-10:45Trends in modelling supply chain and logistic networks
Maurizio Bielli, Mariagrazia Mecoli
10:45-11:15Comparing transport contracts in a multi-period setting
Xavier Brusset
11:15-11:45Logistics terminals planning for an optimal freight mobility system: an application on a regional scale
Mario Catalano, Marco Migliore
Session E3-B: EWGT: Traffic management 3
10:15-10:45Introduction to a node management model for traffic networks: a mesoscopic approach
Mauro Dell'Orco, Ergun Gedizlioglu, Hilmi Berk Celikoglu
10:45-11:15A delayed flow intersection model for dynamic traffic assignment
Thomas Durlin, Vincent Henn
11:15-11:45Markov mesoscopic simulation model of overflow queues at multilane signalized intersections
Francesco Viti, Henk van Zuylen
Session E3-C: EWGT: Network design 2
10:15-10:45A multimodal approach for managing transportation design problems of real size networks
Luca D'Acierno, Mariano Gallo, Bruno Montella
10:45-11:15A rapid transit network design model in regard to transfers
Armando Garzón-Astolfi, Juan A. Mesa, Francisco A. Ortega
11:15-11:45A multiobjective oriented network design model for on ground aircraft's routing management
Esteve Codina, Ángel Marín
Session M4: MiniEURO: Risk and uncertainty in transportation 2
12:00-12:30Analyzing a vehicle routing problem with stochastic demands using ant colony optimization
Marc Reimann
12:30-13:00Fuzzy values for imprecision and flexible constraints in vehicle routing problems
Przemysław Wesołek
13:00-13:30Vehicle routing with regard to traffic prognosis and congestion probabilities
Matthias Stickel, Jörg Darger, Kai Furmans
Session E4-A: EWGT: Multicriteria analysis of transportation problems
12:00-12:30Are we moving in the right direction?
Jens Borken
12:30-13:00Sustainable mobility evaluation in urban areas
Vânia Barcellos Gouvêa Campos, Rui António Rodrigues Ramos
13:00-13:30A bilevel programming model to optimising the modal distribution of charge in urban environments with congestion: the case of the new port of Laredo
José Luis Moura, Angel Ibeas, Luigi Dell'Olio, Luis de Grange
13:30-14:00The comparison of multiobjective ranking methods applied to solve the mass transit systems' decision problems
Jacek Żak
Session E4-B: EWGT: Sea transportation and port operations
12:00-12:30Space allocation and location matching in container terminals
Tonguç Ünlüyurt, Hacı Murat Özdemir
12:30-13:00A Petri net model for simulation of container terminals operations
Guido Maione, Michele Ottomanelli
13:00-13:30Development of vehicle transshipment at European ports
Dirk Christian Mattfeld
13:30-14:00Optimising yard operations in port container terminals
Louise K. Tranberg
Session E4-C: EWGT: Origin/destination matrices
12:00-12:30Improvement of OD estimation based on disaggregated flow information
Bernhard Friedrich, Yun-Pang Wang
12:30-13:00Bridging the gap between transport engineering and economic research
Cristela Goce-Dakila, Shoshi Mizokami
13:00-13:30Dynamic travel demand estimation using real-time traffic data
Juyoung Kim, Seungjae Lee
13:30-14:00A heuristic for the estimation of time-dependent origin-destination matrices from traffic counts
Jan Lundgren, Anders Peterson, Clas Rydergren


9:00-10:00Plenary session P4
Overview of road and motorway traffic control strategies
Markos Papageorgiou
Session M5: MiniEURO: Decision support systems in transportation 2
10:15-10:45Incorporating parametric action decision trees in computational process models of activity-travel behavior: theory and illustration
Theo Arentze, Harry Timmermans
10:45-11:15A self-learning-process based decision support system for Beijing traffic management
Yu-Sen Chen, Henk van Zuylen, Rex Lee
11:15-11:45Operational analysis of space transportation system architectures through knowledge and simulation based modeling
Alex J. Ruiz-Torres, Edgar Zapata
Session E5-A: EWGT: Vehicle routing and scheduling
10:15-10:45A variable fixing heuristic for the multiple-depot integrated vehicle and crew scheduling problem
Vitali Gintner, Ingmar Steinzen, Leena Suhl
10:45-11:15Branch-and-price for integrated multi-depot vehicle and crew scheduling problem
Marta Mesquita, Ana Paias, Ana Respício
11:15-11:45Improved dynamic programming for the vehicle routing problem with time windows
Matteo Salani
Session E5-B: EWGT: Freight transportation
10:15-10:45A model for the analysis of regional accessibility for freight transportation
Vânia Barcellos Gouvêa Campos, Alexandre Coelho Santos, Eliana Zandonade
10:45-11:15A sustainable urban freight transport system
Claudio Catta, Francesco Filippi, Guido Gentile
11:15-11:45Vehicle replacement planning in freight transportation companies
Adam Redmer
Session E5-C: EWGT: Transportation planning and policy
10:15-10:45A transportation plan strategy for Turkey
Murat Akad, Murat Ergun, Hakan Guler, Yasar Vitosoglu
10:45-11:15Policy forecasts using mixed RP/SP models: some new evidence
Elisabetta Cherchi, Italo Meloni, Juan de Dios Ortúzar
11:15-11:45Car pooling clubs: solution for the affiliation problem in traditional/dynamic ridesharing systems
Gonçalo Correia, José Manuel Viegas
Session M6-A: MiniEURO: Intelligent transportation systems 1
12:00-12:30Opportunities for ITS to improve the reliability of traffic and transport systems in industrial and urbanized areas
Thomas Dijker, Henk van Zuylen
12:30-13:00Impact of budget constraints on weekly activity patterns of road users
Christoph Gringmuth
13:00-13:30Impacts of intelligent information systems on transport and the economy – the micro-based modelling system OVID
Christoph Gringmuth, Gernot Liedtke, Stefan Geweke, Werner Rothengatter
13:30-14:00Philosophical challenges concerning education and career orientation in the ITS area
Siril Yella, Mark Dougherty, Kalid Askar
Session M6-B: MiniEURO: Neural networks applied to transportation problems
12:00-12:30Calibration of logit modal split models with feed forward back-propagation neural networks
Hilmi Berk Celikoglu
12:30-13:00Calibration of a conceptual LUTI model based on neural networks
Frans Tillema
13:00-13:30Industrial vehicles park capacity sizing by means of artificial neural networks
Susana Val, Emilio Larrodé, Ángel Gea
13:30-14:00Identifying congestion patterns with state space neural networks
Hans van Lint
Session E6-A: EWGT: Simulation
12:00-12:30Vehicle trajectories random field traffic representation
Andrzej Adamski
12:30-13:00Dynamic calibration approach for delayed car-following models
Serge P. Hoogendoorn
13:00-13:30Path searching and filtering for network simulation tools aimed at robustness analysis
Michiel Minderhoud, Henk van Zuylen
13:30-14:00A self-learning driving behavior model for microscopic online simulation based on remote sensing and equipped vehicle data
Marc Miska, Theo H.J. Muller, Henk van Zuylen
Session E6-B: EWGT: Environmental aspects of transportation
12:00-12:30Simulation model for the mission profiles and energy consumption of a transit mode
Stefano Carrese, Francesco Guzzo Cava, Giuseppe Ottone, Claudio Zamponi
12:30-13:00Traffic parameters estimation to predict road side pollutant concentrations using neural networks
Fabio Galatioto, Pietro Zito, Marco Migliore
13:00-13:30Monitoring and assessment of daily exposure of residential population to highway traffic noise in Jalgaon urban center
Sopan T. Ingle, Bhushan G. Pachpande
13:30-14:00Impact of highway traffic pollution on lung function of residential population in Jalgaon urban center
Sopan T. Ingle, Nilesh Wagh
Session M7: MiniEURO: Intelligent transportation systems 2
15:00-15:30A web-based traffic information system using wireless communication techniques
Akmal Abdelfatah, Abdul-Rahman Al-Ali
15:30-16:00Road and traffic sign detection and recognition
Hasan Fleyeh, Mark Dougherty
16:00-16:30An agent based distributed mircoscopic online simulation model
Marc Miska, Theo H.J. Muller, Henk van Zuylen
Session E7-B: EWGT: Safety, reliability and quality in transportation
15:00-15:30Tracking waves for modelling the impact of incidents
Vincent Henn
15:30-16:00Finding dissimilar efficient routes for hazmat shipments
Pasquale Carotenuto, Graziano Galiano, Stefano Giordani
16:00-16:30Analysis about quality in the freight transportation and direct effect in the management of a transportation organization
Ángel Gea, Emilio Larrodé, Carlos Millán
16:30-17:00Evaluation of public transport in the project of Poznan Quality of Life indicators
Piotr Jabkowski


9:00-9:30Plenary session P5
Metaheuristics – flexible tools for decision making in transportation planning and operations management
Jorge Pinho de Sousa
9:30-10:00Plenary session P6
Bee colony optimization – a cooperative learning approach to complex transportation problems
Mauro Dell'Orco, Dušan Teodorović
Session M8: MiniEURO: Metaheuristics in transportation
10:15-10:45A procedure for the solution of the urban bus network design problem with elastic demand
Ernesto Cipriani, Gaetano Fusco, Stefano Gori, Marco Petrelli
10:45-11:15Meta-heuristic algorithms for a transit route design
Jonghak Han, Seungjae Lee, Jonghyung Kim
11:15-11:45Solving an accessibility-maximization road network design model: a comparison of heuristics
Bruno Santos, António Antunes, Eric Miller
Session E8-A: EWGT: Public transportation 1
10:15-10:45Marginal value of wireless internet connection on trains: implications for mode-choice models
Ipsita Banerjee, Adib Kanafani
10:45-11:15Trip time prediction in mass transit companies. A machine learning approach
João M. Moreira, Alípio Jorge, Jorge Freire de Sousa, Carlos Soares
11:15-11:45A GIS approach to evaluate bus stop accessibility
Giuseppe Salvo, Simona Sabatini
Session E8-B: EWGT: Road pricing
10:15-10:45Joint pricing and network capacity setting problem
Luce Brotcorne, Patrice Marcotte, Gilles Savard, Mickael Wiart
10:45-11:15Integrated transport and land use policies for developing countries: relocation of residences, road pricing and transit subsidy
Dilum Dissanayake
11:15-11:45Macroeconomic analysis of transport pricing regimes for the EU
Wolfgang Schade, Claus Doll
Session E8-C: EWGT: Railway transportation
10:15-10:45Generating dense railway schedules
Dan Burkolter, Thomas Herrmann, Gabrio Caimi
10:45-11:15The effectiveness of static implications in real-time railway traffic management
Marco Pranzo, Andrea D'Ariano, Dario Pacciarelli
Session M9: MiniEURO: Heuristics in transportation
12:00-12:30Large-scale set partitioning problems: conjectures on the beneficial structure of some real-world instances
Luca Coslovich, Raffaele Pesenti, Walter Ukovich
12:30-13:00The tabu search heuristic method for a multi vehicle distribution and routing problem
Olgierd Dziamski
13:00-13:30A multiperiod expected covering location model for dynamic redeployment of ambulances
Hari K. Rajagopalan, Cem Saydam, Jing Xiao
13:30-14:00Applying genetic techniques to the tactical flight level assignment
Sophie Constans, Nicolas Gadenne, Rémy Fondacci
Session E9-A: EWGT: Flow models
12:00-12:30Second order traffic flow modeling: supply-demand analysis of the inhomogeneous Riemann problem and of boundary conditions
Jean-Patrick Lebacque, Habib Haj Salem, Salim Mammar
12:30-13:00Second order traffic flow modelling: the Riemann problem resolution in homogeneous case without relaxation term
Salim Mammar, Jean-Patrick Lebacque, Habib Haj Salem
13:00-13:30The link transmission model: an efficient implementation of the kinematic wave theory in traffic networks
Isaak Yperman, Steven Logghe, Ben Immers
Session E9-B: EWGT: Public transportation 2
12:00-12:30Determining lack of information about public transit system
Safak Bilgic, Polat Yaliniz
12:30-13:00Public transport network design and appraisal -- a case study of Porto
Álvaro Costa, Pedro Abrantes, Oana Grozavu, Sílvia Magalhães
13:00-13:30Simulation and evaluation of integrated public transport
Carl Henrik Häll, Jan Lundgren, Peter Värbrand
13:30-14:00Design of operations of personal rapid transit systems
Paolo Delle Site, Francesco Filippi, Davide Usami

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